Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How do I tell you this....

So, I know I've been out of the loop recently and when I have been here - I was really down and out. So I guess that would explain how I ended up here with this news. You see, for the past oh month or so, I've been living rather recklessly. You know the drill; going out with anyone and everyone, drinking, smoking and coming home late... What? I don't have a job right now.... it's not like I need to BE ANYWHERE in the morning. But, while I was busy having fun and only thinking about ME, well, um... you see, wow... how do I? Oh my. I guess I should just, gosh this is really hard to explain, er - well, there's really no EXPLAINING to do - I guess I just thought I was being careful and taking all the necessary precautions, but I guess NOTHING's 100% right? well, expect if you ABSTAIN, but really - that's just down-right impossible, er - for me anyway.

What I'm trying to say is: Gosh - please don't judge me - because now I'm unemployed and this is the 2nd time I've done this. I promise - I won't end up on TV with EIGHT - like that OTHER WHACK JOB unemployed single woman. But, well I'm just going to say it: Oops. I. Did. It. Again. I am a.......

FUR MOM - again.

PHEW!!! That's a load off.

OMG!! What did you think?? That I WAS PREGNANT with a REAL baby!! PUH-LEEEZE - I HAVE been protecting myself from THAT CRAZINESS since the first time I laid (nice choice of words) eyes on a hot boy!!

(No offense to all you 'human' mommies out there - but I'm just not the "maternal type" when it comes to human babies.) But, you see, I AM the crazy-dog-lady maternal type when it comes to the poochers! And seriously? How could one NOT be when you look at THIS FACE:

Isn't she PRECIOUS? Yes, I agree - SHE IS!!
She is just a wee little thing - and is only 7 weeks old.

But, because this was not a PLANNED PREGNANCY PUPPY, she currently doesn't have a name other than "Pooh-ders" or "Pupsicle"
I'm working on a name, but being the nut-job creative one I am, I am trying to come up with something ingenuous. And, since I already have a Daisy I was thinking of something in the "flower" family, because - what girl DOESN'T like to be surrounded by pretty flowers? Well, I'm sure there are crazy bitches some girls who DON'T like flowers - but not ME - I loves me flowers and since I don't have Mr. MANZ in my life right now, I'm not getting any (flowers) right now.
She and her fur-sister Daisy are getting along fine - now. Last night (our first night together) was questionable. Daisy WAS. NOT. HAPPY. AT. ALL. WITH ME. But, she's doing better today - and we (Daisy and I only) went for a long walk and I think that helped.

So, stay tuned - as I try to figure out what to call this adorable little creature that I will "love her and hug her and call her George____________________.
(My favorite quote from the Abominable snowman cartoon with Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny.)

PS - for those of Dave you that are paying attention to my "not working and have no money situation" - This pooch was FREE to a GOOD home. Ummmm... Hello? Dogs find HEAVEN when they come to the Shopgirl's house!! I'll post more pics later - I already have TONS - but my Internet is S.L.O.W. tonight and I don't have the patience to wait!!


  1. Ooh! A cutie! How about Dahlia? But without the negative connotations.. Sure, she's black, but she will reinvent the name! Daisy and Dahlia, how kick butt would that be? You're right, that is a huge change. You're linked and welcome back!

  2. Wow!! Congrats!!!! I agree with SK. Dahlia sounds fun. :)

  3. Oooohhh! She is precious! You did the right thing. :-) I was thinking more boring with Rose, or Lily. Maybe Iris? But I kind of like Dahlia actually. Or just go with the nicknames anyhow. My little one went from Rudy to Rootie Tootie to Toot to Tootles to Wootles to Woot. And now he's just Woot. Which makes no sense.

  4. She is adorable all right!! I do love SK's Dahlia suggestion over there! Is she a sharpei mix? I thought I saw some skin folds there! I can't wait for more pictures! What's cuter than a puppy! Unless it was a baby panda. Those are pretty darn cute. But I've heard they become unruly as adults. Plus there's the whole bamboo thing.

  5. OMG!!! I TOTALLY thought you were pregnant!!!! HA!

    I really like the Black Dahlia thing....and what kind is she? ADORABLE!!!!

  6. Hi everyone! SK - yes, I was thinking about Dahlia too - in fact, when I called about her - and they told me that they had only black pups left and that's when I thought about the Black Dahlia - but I'm thinking I don't want to have to explain that to everyone. So far, I've got some "contenders" they are:

    Janet - I'd name her Lily which is cute - but that's my great nieces' name so I can't do that. But I DO LOVE Iris! Hmmm.. That might be a contender too!

    HP - yeah - no panda for me - they are cute but I'm only a dog person.

    As for the breed of the dog? She's a Shar Pei/Lab mix. Her mom was pure Shar Pei and GOR-G E O U S!!

    Beth - ha ha! Gotcha! : )

    I'll post more pictures later.

  7. Thanks Swishy - I do have to agree with you!

  8. oooooh, I like fun things involving names. I was also gunning for Lily (I like it so much that I have both a cat and a toddler named that. Well, the baby is actually Lillian, but we call her Lilli). But then I read your response to the comments, so never mind. Hyacinth? Peony? Aster? I also like Iris and Dahlia though. Oh, and hi! I've come over from the Spin Cycle, and am now giving you my random two cents. :)

  9. Your pup is so cute!! How about Tootsie Roll? Nah, don't listen to me, we named our Yorkie, Logan, after Wolverine - our Logan only weighs 5lbs and is afraid of his shadow.


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