Thursday, August 27, 2009

Concentration - easier said than done..

So, I've gotten myself a little writing assignment that could actually get published! One would think I'd be soooo excited (and I am) and that I would have started writing immediately and I'd be proofing at this very moment because I wrote 1000+ words instead of the 400-800 guideline. Well, you'd be wrong, unless of course you know me and that I procrastinate in Seriously, I'm not worried about dying because knowing me? I'll be late or have something planned for that fateful day and will have to postpone.

Of course, I should be writing my article instead of writing on my blog - but I can't seem to come up with anything for said article and well, it's been entirely too long since I've posted anything here. I figured I'd come over here, clear a few cob webs and dust bunnies and see if will help me get my "creative juices" flowing for this article that they want back by the end of this week (which is TOMORROW.) Yeah, no pressure.

Actually, I work better under pressure. I once wrote a paper in one night for a class in college that we were supposed to be working on the entire semester. Well, I have a hard time sticking with ANYTHING for more than about a nanosecond, so writing every day (hmmm... maybe I'd be a better blogger) just didn't work for me. So, the night before said paper was due - I wrote my little arse off. Actually, I went shopping for my upcoming trip to the Bahamas and then packed and then called some friends and then, then I wrote my paper. Shut up! I finished it and even got an "A" on it! So, I'm sure I can complete this article.. later... ha!

I am actually TRYING to complete it now -because even though they want it tomorrow and I'd probably have some time during the morning to finish it - I have a feeling that tomorrow - being Friday and all will end up being non-productive as most Fridays usually are (even for the unemployed.)

But, today of all days, my city decided that it would be a good time to rip up the road in front of my house and re-asphalt it. (no they're not completely re-paving it - THAT would make too much sense.) They are just ripping up a small portion (conveniently in front of my house) and throwing down some asphalt. Great - because the patch job complete with the crater like dip and all they did back in January was such a work of art - that I'm sure the work they're doing today with be a huge improvement. Seriously, who doesn't like it when they're house shakes every time a car/truck or squirrel drives over this portion of the road.

So here I am, stuck inside my house on my desktop computer, trying to concentrate and write this article and 5+ large trucks and 10+ men (not even cute) are outside making all kinds of noise. Perfect conditions for writing don't cha think? Did I mention that my house trembles Every.Time.They. Move. The. Back Hoe? No? Well, it does!! Not only am I not able to concentrate and write my article (yet able to blog about my lack of concentration) I now know what it's like to be a California resident during an earthquake measuring 4.9-5.2 on the Richter scale. I'm also not worried in the slightest, that my nearly 100 year old house's foundation, may crumble beneath me today. (hopefully the cadaver dogs will track not only mine but my dogs scent.)

Well, after sitting here in front of my computer for more than 3 hours not writing my article I'm going to attempt to get back at it. Actually I haven't been here the entire time. I told you I'm a procrastinator right?

Here's a re-cap of the past 3+ hours:
1. Made lunch - have all the workings of a Subway restaurant - made myself a "tasty" Turkey/salami/Am. Cheese with lettuce, mayo, mustard, salt/pepper, pickles mini sub sammy. And chips on the side.
2. Let the dogs out for the fiftieth time.
3. Let said dogs back in.
4. Showered and got out of jammies.
5. Did load of laundry - which I just remembered I have to run back down and put in dryer.
6. Went outside to "inspect" all this noise.
7. Talked with neighbors who's TV is obviously on the fritz as they are sitting outside just watching all the road work. Mine truly is, "the most entertaining city" in which to live.... E! will probably be here shortly.
8. Back on computer - but checked out crackFacebook - my friend is craving chocolate.
9. Now? So am I.
10. Can't think about anything but chocolate.
11. Back downstairs (away from computer and even further from completing article) to get "chocolate."
12. Back upstairs - only chocolate in house - Reese's Klondike bar. What would I do for a Klondike bar? Apparently, not write my assigned article.
13. Share last bites of delici-o-so Klondike bar with dogs.
14. Actually take time to look up how to spell new word: delici-o-so
15. Klondike bars? Messy - must wash hands.
16. Back at computer - ready to finish up this blog and hopefully my article.

Hmmm... and it seems like I do NOTHING all day...


  1. Honestly, at least if the workmen were cute, maybe you could tolerate it. What is up with hiring unattractive men to do manual labor these days?

  2. So....I'm dying to know how it turned out!!!


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