Thursday, September 17, 2009

So much to do... so much to do... why am I so lazy?

So, I've been off work for about 8 months (or so) now and as I look back at those months? It seems like I've accomplished nothing.  NOTHING!!  It's sad - all the time in the world and nothing has gotten done  - lots of things/projects were started, but nothing has been completed.  My TO DO list is long yet my tenacity is short (lived).  Why is it that sleeping until God-knows-when feels so much better than getting up and accomplishing anything?  Why do I love my jammies so much (and it's not like I have cute PJ's or even LOOK cute in them)?  Why am I addicted to crack Facebook?  I swear, it's my only (somewhat) real connection to the outside world right now.  I hated my office job so much and WISHED to be able to be home all day - now?  I've gotten what I've wished for and I love/hate it.  I love being home but I hate not being able to talk with, er, about to anyone. 

So, as I sit here today, in front of my computer (still in my PJ's) and try to compose anything that resembles a blog, my house continues to remain a pig (well, in my case dog) sty.  Ok, so when it was just me and Miss Daisy Dog, I thought I had the dog hair under control.  It wasn't that bad and when I was working? Saturday mornings were my "cleaning" days and I could zip rather quickly through my house and remove the dog hair with little to no effort.  Now?  Two dogs?  And Sassy's hair is BLACK - and the dog hair has not doubled but QUADROUPLED.  Uggggh and the dust?  For the love of DOG BONES the dust is outrageous!!  No wonder I'm sneezing like a maniac. 

Would it be all that in humane to shave Sassy  - hmmmm.. a hairless dog... sounds lovely.. Fugly, but lovely. 

OK - back to reality, that dog hair isn't going to pick itself up out of the pile on the floor (which I swept it into) and put itself into the trash.  It will, I'd guess, double or even triple in size by the time I get back to it though.  So, off I go.. to finish cleaning my bedroom  - then, maybe if I'm not too tired I'll attempt the rest of the house.....

My TO DO List:

1. Clean Room - almost done.
2. Clean Bathroom - worst job in the house.....
3. Organize/Clean my home office  - aka - catch all - I don't know where to put it so it will just go into my "office" room.  So. not. looking.forward. to. this. item.
4. Clean livinging room.
5. Laundry - DONE!  (believe it or not, I LIKE to do laundry... I know, I'm weird.)
6. Kitchen - done last night - also like to clean the kitchen - don't like to cook -but like to clean...
7. Pick up dog doodies in the yard  - ok - this is the WORST JOB IN THE HOUSE.
8. Throw up from performing task number 7
9. Mow the lawn.
10. Drink Vodka... lots of Vodka.  (I could mix item number 10 in between several of the earlier tasks.)

So, I'm off internet peeps - no more Facebooking, time to get cracking... My goal is to be out of my PJ's by 3pm......

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