Monday, November 2, 2009

Exercise Two: Try to write SOMETHING... anything...



OK, I did it - now can I go back to bed?  I'm kidding (sort of) - I'm out of bed, and will stay out of bed until it's reasonably acceptable to go back to bed.  My PJ's?  Yes, I'm still in them (I know it's12:30pm) but I don't care.  Actually, I'm getting out of these pretty soon too - I have an "audition" today at 2pm - so I need to go make myself all purdy-like.

My "audition?" is not for anything remotely exciting (for anyone who's reading this) it's more of a "working interview" at a bar in my neighborhood that has an opening for a bar-bitch tender.  So, I have to get myself moving so I can do down and serve the locals their brewskies and 7 & 7's for a couple of hours.  I better get paid for this audition (at least the tip money..) 

My friend was at the bar last night while another contender was there, and apparently she had no skillz - which of course made me very happy.  He also sounded a little drunk (you did) but I'll take whatever positive feedback I can get these days. 

Well, as Bugs Bunny used to say... "That's all Folks!" - I'm going to say that too - since I need to get ready for this audition/interview.  Wish me luck - and hopefully everyone will just order beer or really easy drinks like Rum and Coke. 

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