Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!!

Yee haw!  I got the job, or I won the audition.   Ok, now you KNOW the economy is bad when I'm excited about a PT job slinging brewskies and spirits at a local watering hole.  But, right now?  I'll take what I can get LITERALLY.  I mean, the job market is horrible here and there was an article in our local paper that yet another company will probably be laying off 300 people in the next month if they don't extend some contract or get another client or something.  Either way?  That's 300 MORE people that I have to compete against for any job out there.  Also?  The more people there are out of work?  The more power the employers get - and can hire for much, much less than they would have a year ago.  And while I'd work for less, I don't see my mortgage payment going down or my gas/electric/water bills shrinking either.

But, today I'm not going to dwell on the negative.  I got a job!  So yea for me and yea for my pocket book!! 
And?  This is what, my 3rd post in less than 2 weeks?  WAY TO GO SHOPGIRL!! :~)

But, it's going to be short one again - because I have to get ready for work - I actually start today!!

C-ya later and.....
don't forget to tip your bartenders!!


  1. YAYAYAYA!!! Hey girl a job is a job. I'm getting on at a video store and I'm thrilled to death! LOLOLOL and Ohio is BADDDDDD for employment...ugh. But I'm glad that you've found something! WOOHOO!!!


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