Monday, November 29, 2010

And so it begins....

The countdown to Craziness  Christmas is upon us and it’s not even December first. When I was laid of from my job almost two years ago, I swore I’d never work for another retail company again. Well, like my mom always said; “it’s not lady-like to swear” and DAMN IT if I didn’t end up in another Retail Corporation to help them with their Seasonal Hiring. It’s not even December and yet they have blasted CHRISTMAS MUZAK all DAMN DAY!

Uggh… by 10am I had already heard Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer five times!! And the Grinch Song? Oh.My.God.I.Want.To.Kill.Myself!!

I’m actually looking forward to being laid off ONCE AGAIN if not only because I may go crazy listening to all this Merriment. Yes, I’m going to be laid off from yet ANOTHER RETAIL COMPANY in less than two years. How do they say it in text and on Facebook? FML? Yes, FUCK MY LIFE… Sorry mom…

Well, I sorta knew I was going to be laid off when I originally took this job. It was discussed with me in the interview that they needed my recruiting services for the season and then they’d see if an open position was available after that. Well, there isn’t. And, I’m sorta ok with that, but I’m not sure if my mortgage company will be as happy. I am still working at the bar – part-time – and now hope they will give me more hours as I’m going to need them.

Oh, and to add to my “holiday merriment” my car decided to “quit me” last week. Something called a head gasket blew – and that, I’m told, is a BAD THING. I did make it to work that day – but had to pay $100 to have it towed to a shop for them to tell me that it’s pretty much not worth fixing. Money well spent indeed. And of course, the only thing I thought of – besides not having a car to drive me to work – was “now I can’t go shopping on Black Friday.” Yes, I know, my priorities are – Shut up, I really wanted that $100 19” flat screen for my bedroom for you know, when I’m laid off in a week and don’t want to get out of bed, at least I’ll have a nice TV upon which to watch all those Lifetime Movies.

My mechanic-brother seems to think we can get my car up and running for a short period of time and close proximity to home so that I can shop for a new(er) car. I’m just glad it happened here and not on my way to Florida. Oh, didn’t I mention THAT? I was actually thinking about heading south for the winter – being jobless and all, I figured I’d try to find a gig down there sans snow and bitter cold weather. Hmmm.. jobless and no money – stay up north and deal with snow and battle depression with nothing but GRAY Skies? Or, head south put my feet in the ocean and soak up the sun and blue skies and serve drinks to all the snow birds who have MONEY to go south every year? Hmmmmm…tough choice, but, this whole car fiasco has thrown a monkey wrench in my southward plans. My sister lives in Naples, Fl so the living expenses would be minimal – but now it’s a matter of getting there. I really want to take my dogs with me too – but if I don’t find a car before I want to leave, I may just fly down there and try to buy one down there. She says there are better deals – older folks who come down for the winter then get rid of their well maintained cars because they no longer need them or can’t drive anymore. But, if I wait to buy a car down there, then I can’t take my dogs with me right away, which, might not be a bad thing – but I would miss them terribly and I need to find someone to take care of them – like they’re accustomed to being taken care of. Yes, they are the two most spoiled dogs and (mostly).

So… there it is for Shopgirl, this Cyber Monday. I’m going Christmas Crazy with all the holiday muzak and I’m in need of a new car and LIFE.

Dear Santa,
Are you listening?

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