Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cleaning out your closet CAN be a good thing!

So.. I finished cleaning and sorting through my closet tonight - tossed out a bunch of clothes - grabbed a pair of jeans that I  just haven't wanted to give away even though they haven't fit in YEARS - yes I said YEARS.  Reason(s) for keeping them? 
1. I believe I paid over $100 for them.  (Yes, I realize NOW that $100 for BLUE JEANS is quite ri-god-damn-diculous, but when I bought them I had a really good job/salary.   Hindsight 20/20?  Maybe spending over $100 on a pair of jeans is the reason I'm flat broke?
Reason number 2 and probably the MOST important reason?  My ass looked FABULASS in them!  They did - I'm not going to lie - and that is why I could not part with them.  I clung to the TINIEST of hopes that I would one day - have the courage and will power to put the pasta fork down and skip the cheesecake desserts and put my SKINNY ASS back into those fabulous jeans.   Well, tonight as I cleaned out my closet getting rid of one item that will never fit on my body again after another...I decided it was time to give up the dream.  I mean, it's been years - time for them to go.  Or was it?

I was just about to toss them in the "goodbye/goodwill" bin and I decided what the hell?  I'll try them on just before I say goodbye.

Well, they fit!  and they're actually a little big!  Turns out.. my Vodka/Gin/Starbucks diet?  it's working!  All these years... I've been yo-yo dieting and all it took was a little binge drinking and Voila!  I've got my favorite jeans back!!

Shopgirl is one happy girl tonight!

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  1. vodka/gin/starbucks diet? details please!!!!! and congrats on getting into the ASS JEANS!!! woohoo!


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