Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just say no...

That was my mantra tonight as I walked the aisles of Walmart, Target and even Big Lots - the Christmas Clearance Aisles that is...  Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, I chanted "There's no place for this shit at home!"  That's what she said right?  Sure. 

Anyway, if I was in the land of OZ, I wouldn't need a Clearance sale to get me all jazzed up.  Heck, I'd be wearing me a pair of  bright and sparkly RUBY RED shoes in the land of GREEN OZ - I'd be all set!

Ahem, back to my real (and not so sparkly) life.  I did managed to walk those Big Box Retail aisles and pick up only what I came in for - Dog food and dog chewies. (rawhides). Out of nearly all dog food at home but completely out of chewies and this?  does.not.bode.well in shopgirls house - just ask the dogs.  I swear - the way my poochers go through rawhides - you'd think they were laced with Cocaine, meth, or X - or maybe all three? 

As I sit here now, typing this blog - they are in Canine Heaven with their chewies.  THAT right there?  is PRICELESS - they are leaving ME alone for five friggin' minutes!!

I tried to give the retail economy a boost tonight, I looked for doggie toys in hopes that they too, would be marked down.  At Halloween time they were marked 75% off and this shopgirl went Dog Toy CRAZY!!  I can't believe they had THAT many Halloween toys and absolutely NO Christmas toys..
But alas, the original prices of "Christmas" toys was already 3x too high and thus, not marked down enough for this still unemployed shopgirl (recession's over my ass).  So I guess the dogs will have to wait until I find another sale..

Even though I did get out of Walmart for under $50, it was HARD...  I swear - I think it's easier for me to say no to a Gin and Tonic than it is to say no to a clearance sale...  

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