Monday, September 1, 2008

Can't stop thinking about . . .

The bunnies!! OMG! I seriously need an intervention. So, yesterday I'm driving home - flipping through the 100+ channels of Sirius radio and I landed on . . . you guessed it . . . the PLAYBOY channel!!!! Something is going on in my Universe - seriously - I can't stop watching The Girls Next Door, I flip on the E! channel to watch Sunset Tan and instead the THS of Hugh Hefner is on, and now my car is no longer a safe zone!

And, if that wasn't enough, there's a CONTEST on the Playboy Channel to win a VISIT to the PB Mansion!!! Ok - so I'm totally NOT going to win - but I'm TOTALLY going to try!!! I'm also going to have to make another visit to my dentist and have my mouth wired shut so I can lose enough weight to actually make it through the front door of the Mansion. (I should blog about the $4-5K I've put into my teeth this year - I have bad teeth and I'm not British - more on my teeth another time)

I don't want to be HH's girlfriend or anything like that - ewww.. I've slept with a much older guy (well, he wasn't 80) and eecchhh, I just don't know WHAT phase I was going through - but I am sooooooo OVER it.

Anyway, back to the contest - I do think it would be way cool to win this contest and actually meet the legendary Playboy himself. Hey - maybe I could write one of those "articles" for the magazine - you know - that's why everyone reads the magazine right? For the articles . . . .


  1. That's hilarious - you're the first woman I've met who can't stop obsessing over the playboy bunnies! You're cracking me up!

    Well good luck in the contest! I won't be playing because the last thing my self-esteem needs is a trip to the mansion!

  2. I know - something is SERIOUSLY wrong with me!! I just don't know what it is - EVERYTIME I turn around - there is SOMETHING about a bunny going on. On the TV, on the Web - on and on inside my head!! Now, I'm Dr. Seuss . . .

    If I make it to the Mansion (which I SURELY will not) I'll let y'all know!!


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